Tumblr disappearance

It’s been so long since I’ve been on. I’m sure my followers have forgotten who I am.

Help? Question here

I know there is a Glee role play confessions blog that lets you search by name of the role play. The confessions are tagged by the name of the role play.  I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If anyone can let me know if it still exists and if it does, can you link me please?

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!




this, I liiiiike.


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Role Play

I haven’t role played in a long time but I’m really wanting to get back into it. I play Blaine, Sam, Puck, Rory(though I know he isn’t really on the show much), and a few others when asked. Anyone looking for people to join a group let me know and I can send it samples of my writing.


I really need a download link to the Glee episode…My dvr decided to only record half…ugh…Help?

Dear Glee Fandom,


I’ve asked this a few times and I’ll ask again. Why can’t we all just sit back and enjoy the show? Without bitching about ships, who got too much or too little screen time, who sings too much, etc. This is a huge fandom and I’ve never seen so much drama, bullying, petty name-calling and just down right nastiness in a fandom. People attack others just because they disagree on ships. I love this fandom with all my heart but sometimes I just close my computer because of the amount of hate that fills my dash. Some tags just down right scare. People need to relax and just revel is the amazing show that is Glee. Revel in a show that has been an inspiration for so many people. This show is amazing and guess I just think the bad shit needs to stop. Seriously. That is all.

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Messing around with tumblr and found this out




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Mythbusters seriously needs to do an episode to see if two people could actually fit on that goddamn door without flipping it or sinking it so that we can finally put this issue to bed after fifteen years.

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For the next hour I’ll answer every single one of your extremely personal messages, even if you’re anon.


I doubt I’ll get any.

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Do I have any followers that are rpers? I REALLY need to find someone that rps. Please?


Alright, scrst was kind enough to submit the squidward suicide video if you are interested.

Any Kurtofsky fans here? We really need a Kurt and Dave for our rp

We are VERY active with about 30 members. Please join as out Kurt and Dave. You won’t regret it.